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Jennifer Young & Bryce Palmer
Location: Riverbarn in Machester Ohio
Bryce and Jennifer would first like to express sincere appreation to all of their many family members and friends who have helped them to be where they are today and are visiting our wedding website. It all began in March 2007 when Jennifer and her friend Kristine were cruising on the Caribbeans when Jen discovered she had a new friend request from Bryce on Myspace. She didn't recognize him, but something told her this guy was worth meeting. The two began talking and were shocked to find out they only lived 5 minutes away from one another and had never met before. They began dating in April and both felt as if they had known the other for a lifetime. The couple is excited to have found true love and begin this new journey as husband and wife.
Jennifer DeeAnn Young and Donald Bryce Palmer will be united in marriage on May 3rd, 2008 at 2:30pm in Manchester, Ohio at the RiverBarn located at 7021 U.S Route 52. The RiverBarn is a private area overlooking the historic Ohio River. An outside wedding is planned and will be moved indoors if rain occurs. We are looking forward to sharing this day with all of our family and friends.
Dinner, drinks, music and dancing to follow immediately inside the RiverBarn.
We are so excited for our honeymoon at El Dorado Royale we can't stop counting the days! Bryce and I want to thank you all for being a part of our big day and sharing the start of our new lives together! We love you all!