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Sooooo Tyler will tell you I tried to ruin his proposal and well in perfect “Shannon needs all the answers” fashion...I did just that. Surprising me is so hard, I have to know all details and I’m sure that’s exhausting for poor Tyler lol.

I was at work for a meeting when Tyler had asked me if we could have a date night in Columbus. Of course, I invited Haley and Linn on a double date! In our true social manner we love group activities, unfortunately Tyler couldn’t say “uh no!” because that would definitely put me off. Little did I know, he had planned everything perfectly and down to the last tiny detail (honestly, pretty unlike him).

I didn’t want to go out that night AT ALL! I fought him every second until he pushed me out the door, and then still begged for Pizza night instead. It was frigid and rainy that night and it wasn’t helping one bit with my motivation to be social. We arrive at the restaurant and instead of using valet he parked pretty far down the street. Well you can just imagine that after doing hair and makeup I was not about walking in the cold and rain without an umbrella or coat! Poor Tyler, that poor man.

I’m of course bitching about the cold and he’s dragging me across the street. Then, we detour away from the restaurant and he says “do you remember this place?” The Scioto river, of course I remember. It’s one of his favorite places and where he took me after nursing graduation, told me he loved me, and had another surprise planned. In warmer weather I would have played right into the nostalgia, poor Tyler. Again, I just hurriedly said “yes! But I’m freezing!” and turn around to see him down on one knee.

Wait?! Is this real life?! He’s proposing?! ...wait, I’m even more confused! There’s a person with a camera, taking our pictures! I say “yes!” and I cry and flashes everywhere...oh it’s Aubrey! He even thought about a photographer. We walk to dinner where I’m profusely apologizing for being my typical Sass-hole self and as we walk in, sitting at our table are my closest friends. He is simply amazing. 

Moral of the story? I’m a pain in the ass, and he loves me despite that.